Aircraft Manufacturer

Aircraft Type
BN-2 Islander
DHC6 Twin Otter
Fleet Details
Aircraft Type Registration Comments
Islander 2A-25 G-BUBN
2B-26 G-BUBP
2A-25 G-SBUS
2A-25 G-SSKY
Twin Otter-310 DHC6 G-BIHO
BN2-Islander Specifications
Crew 1-2
Capacity up to 9
Length 35ft 7" (10.9m)
Wingspan 49ft (14.9m)
Height 14ft 5"(4.4m)
Max Take-off Weight 6600lb/2994kg
Powerplant 2x Lycoming Piston 0-540
Max Speed 142kt(163mph)
DHC6 Twin Otter Specifications
Crew 1-2
Capicity up to 19
Length 51ft 9" (15.77m)
Wingspan 65ft (19.8m)
Height 19ft 6" (5.94m)
Max Take-off Weight 12,500 lb (5,670kg)
Powerplant 2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-34, single stage, free-turbine engines
Max Speed 5,000 ft: 181 kts
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